Running Brogue on Arch

Brogue is a challenging Roguelike game, which has a fairly unique feature of using strictly ASCII characters as the artwork. I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying this game for countless hours, though have never completed it. I recently decided to pick it up again, only to discover I couldn’t run it. There were some missing library errors, which (if I recall correctly) are similar to ones I’d once had on Ubuntu. Now on Arch, I had to find different ways of using these. The game is compiled using older versions of certain libraries, so legacy support is needed.

While perusing possible solutions, I discovered (to my pleasure) that there is an AUR package for this game. Seeing this as the more simple solution, I installed it. Unfortunately, while it does open, attempting to visit any of the game menus results in a seg fault, which I believe is caused by a missing directory. Instead of attempting to resolve this problem, I went back to my original one: missing libraries.

After some experimenting, the solution ended up being more simple than I thought. Installing legacy ncurses 5 and libtinfo 5 from the AUR was all that was required to get it up and running once more.


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