Efficient AFK Fishing Farm in Minecraft

While it’s not something I normally do, I’ve decided to make a YouTube video. I recently discovered a technique for AFK fishing (i.e. fishing while not being present at the computer) which I felt I should share with the community. The design for the system is much more simple than other ones I’ve seen, as it doesn’t use clocks or pistons. It’s also very accurate, meaning the bobber is seldom reeled-in at the the wrong time. The video can be seen here. The only downside (if it can be called that) to my design is that it only works in Minecraft 1.11 and newer versions of the game, due to a bug that was fixed.


Simulated 3D audio with headphones in Minecraft on Linux

I had looked this up a couple years ago, and it seems updates have allowed this to become easy to do. There exists a technique that can simulate surround sound (3D audio), using a process known as Binaural recording. Originally, this would be done by placing microphones in a person (or mannequin’s) ears, and recording audio in a way that will simulate what a person would have heard upon playback. This process can be emulated through software, and it seems the version of OpenAL shipped with Minecraft natively supports it. To enable this, simply run this command in the terminal:

echo "hrtf = true" >> ~/.alsoftrc

This will set a flag in the OpenAL configuration file to enable it. Please note, this only applies to headphones with stereo audio, and does not actually generate full surround sound from Minecraft’s stereo audio output. More information about the configuration, including advanced settings can be found on this blog post.

Minecraft server authentication error on Ubuntu

This post relates to the previous post I made about running Minecraft on Linux. When running a Minecraft server on Ubuntu Linux (and perhaps other distributions), and error may occur where it says “Unable to contact authentication servers”, or “Authentication servers are down for maintenance”. I discovered that the fix for connection issues for the client also applies here. Simply running the following command corrects this:

sudo /var/lib/dpkg/info/ca-certificates-java.postinst configure

Minecraft on Linux

I’ve been a Minecraft player for several years now, and when it came to running it on Linux, I usually did not encounter much issue. I’ve come to realize recently that, while it’s generally fairly easy to setup, there are a few things that can go wrong, and a few extra steps that can be taken. I’ve decided to write up my own guide to accomplish this. Continue reading