There are several personal projects (generally coding ones) that I have interest in working on at some point in the future, and listing them here will hopefully motivate me to work on them more.

IRC scripts

I’ve grown interest in writing python scripts for the IRC client I use, which is HexChat. I’m no expert in python, nor in script writing, but poking around the documentation provided on the HexChat website, reading up on existing XChat scripts due to backwards compatibility, I’ve picked up a few things. I keep a list detailing scripts I have worked on, as well as ideas I have for future ones on my scripts page.

My IRC scripts can currently be found on my Git Repository.

 Minecraft Server Linux Scripts

One project I’ve been working on for a while is a set of bash scripts for Minecraft server hosting on Linux. I wanted to implement my own functionality, which includes things like:

  • Automatic backups
  • Automatic mounting and unmounting of ramdisk for world files
  • Easy adjustment of java arguments
  • Ability to update the server software

There are probably more things I’ll add as I go along, and may be some things I’ve left out. One feature of my setup is that each component is a separate script, which (IMO) makes it easier to fix and replace functionality if and when needed. I’m also jotting down ideas for these on my Minecraft server scripts page.

Minecraft Server Bot Scripts

As somewhat of an extension to the hosting scripts, I’m working on a form of ‘bot’ to simplify certain aspects of the server. It’s based on a bash script (can’t seem to find the source) that reads the server’s console output and performs actions accordingly. Originally it was designed to add certain extra functionality to gameplay, such as notifying users when other players were last seen, and leaving memos. My goal was to use it more for utilities. I wanted to be able to, on the fly, perform actions like changing the world the server was running, regardless if I had access to the host machine. After some modification, the ‘bot’ was able to, after accepting specific commands, shutdown the server, load a world from a pre-defined list, with specified version, and re-start the server. It was a bit buggy, and needs work, but eventually I hope to get it working properly.


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